Super Untitled Game

We're bringing the action-packed gameplay back from the 90s with invading aliens, big explosions and tense action. Meet the Vikings!

As humanity struggles to survive, a new breed of titanium heroes rise against the invaders.

The world as you know it has been crushed underneath the Alien forces, by the year 20XX humanity has been brought to its knees.

But all is not lost.

Through advanced AI and robotics, combined with the minds of the worlds toughest soldiers, scientists have created a new breed of warriors; the VIKINGs.

Using revolutionary fusion reactors each VIKING is fueled with enough power to wage war against the forces of the alien threat.

These titanium warriors are the worlds last hope, their strength, speed and willpower will all be put to the test.

Now it is up to you to stand up against the invaders who mutate our dead into synthetic beings, turning our very own kind against us. They will stop at nothing in order to eliminate us all.

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